Andrew Chen: A poker player among top 10 in EPT

Andrew Chen and David Kitai are two renowned and famous poker player n the world poker tournament.

The styles of both differ but both have same area of interest n playing the poker game. HE is player who has played for the final EPT tournament. Chen style of playing the game makes him a poker player with great aspect and understanding for the game of poker. Chen already has proven to be a consistent player despite his young career, and he already has amassed over $1. 6 million in live and online earnings. He has best track records in the game of poker tournaments. He is a poker player who likes to win the game and titles for each and every match he plays in the game of poker.
He has no excellent records but has managed to get scoring of titles and championship in the world series of poker tournament as well at the online poker tournaments. We can view that he has made many cashes and winning titles on his name in the entire poker tournaments. He has skills that can we see in the game when he plays. He is a poker player who loves to play music and sing songs including other things like reading books learning new techniques of playing poker games. He has made really different way
We can see his records in the entire series till today. he has participated in the world series of poker tournament and won cashes for his country making him renowned poker player. He is a player of full energy and aspiration who loves to be part of poker tournament in each and every poker tournament. He has total winning cashes of $ $4,461,626. He has played at the European poker tournament and won title cashes of 6 and total winning of $1,242,791.

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[3/4] WSOP World Series Of Poker 2011 – Episode 33 MAIN EVENT – FINAL TABLE Part 5

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Badih Bounahra: A Smart Poker Player

A player likes to play the game of poker with great efforts. He is a player who has won $1,575,689 cashes in the international poker tournament.

He has also played at the various poker games. He is a player who has very great strategy to oppose the opponent in the game of poker. He is a player who has 16 casinos on his name. He is a player who also smokes during playing the game. He has also won the European poker tournament. He has also played at the world series of poker tournament.

He is the player who has $1,466,908 casinos in the world series of poker tournament. He is a player who is very, much dedicated to the field of poker. He is a player who has 3 bracelets. He has not won any cashes at the world poker tournament. He has won 2 final tables at the world series of poker tournament. He is very much talented and likes to make the game very challenging and has played a vital role in the game of poker tournament. We can see that he has even played at the Hold’Em event making the game very successful and triumph. Continue Reading

WSOP 2011 Main Event Part 10, Day 5 (2011 World Series of Poker Episode 16)

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Garilyn Nelson: A serial poker player

Garilyn Nelson is forty seven years old. She is from United Sates of America.

She started her poker career in the year 2005. She cashed her first time poker in Hold’em-Ladies Event in which she stood 5th and has won cash price of $2,881. Then in 2009 she stood 4th in the WSOP Circuit Caesars Place, Las Vegas in which her prize amount was $2,677. Then in the year 2010 she participated in the event Annual Binion’s Poker Classic, Las Vegas in which she won $2,800 and was ranked 3rd in the event. After this event she had become a serial poker player and had participated in almost every poker event.

She had won many top cash prize in the poker tournament. In 2014 she ranked 663th in Hold’em world series of poker and had won a prize of $1,099. She had played in ladies No-limit Hold’Em championship held in 2013 in which she had won $5,254 and her rank was 20th in that event. She has a very good ranking in No-limit hold’em 2011 poker classic in which her rank was 4th and she had won a prize token of $3,998. Continue Reading