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Benefits of playing Poker

Poker was always thought to be a gamblers game and many parents had forbidden from playing poker as the risk of losing money in such games always involved. But now with the emergence of many online casinos and other entertainment places, playing poker is now considered to be even a family game as the whole family can take part in this game and enjoy its entertainment value as well. Many people couldn’t understand why gambling was so compelling to people. This is mainly because it is the only game that steps up their heart beat, fills their heart with excitement and ultimately expects to be rewarded for it.

Now with many online poker sites, people can enjoy the entertainment value of poker and also at the same time involve no money at all. Yes, in some of these sites one can easily play online poker without any involvement of money which means that neither you will be able to lose or win money in such games. Such sites can be beneficial for those who are new to this game and want to learn and sharpen the skills required to become a good player of this game.

However that doesn’t mean that poker is now becoming a family game completely. Poker is even played by the richer sections of the society as it involves quick money making and entertainment as well. Poker is usually the most common form of entertainment for these people and even in movies will you find that playing poker is a part of their lifestyle. The most famous detective in the world, James Bond had also been portrayed as a master poker player. In a way poker can also improve your intuitively based decision making skills which really helps you in your day to day decision making as well.

Barry Greenstein-Poker Professional holding 3 bracelets proudly

When you think of playing the games across the globe, you should always consider the familiar games to be played so. One such familiar games will always be Poker game as poker game is purely the act of handling the cards which can either turn you with victory or just the contradict to it too, at times. Professionals do handle the game in an efficient manner whereby they do play the game after knowing its ins and outs. Among such professional players, Barry Greenstein is an American Poker professional knowable for his holding of 3 bracelets in WSOP main events.

Earned 2 WPT titles too:

Barry Greenstein was born on December 30th 1954. In addition to playing and yielding 3 bracelets in WSOP events, he also has earned 2 World Poker Tour titles too. He is much a philanthropist whereby he gives or contributes regularly to the charities from his profits after winning the title or cash prizes, hence he has been given the nickname or most familiarly knowable as The Robin Hood of Poker. He stepped into the Poker Hall of Fame by the year 2011. After his graduation from Bogan High School, he turned earning Bachelor’s degree specialised in Computer Science at the University of Illinois. He has written the book named as Ace on the River, he wished to adopt children whereby some permanent job can yield him amount to take care of those children, whereby he joined Symantec, later he resigned.

His children included 6, where 4 of those are stepchildren. What a man he is! He works with his stepson Joe, where they started Poker Road, which is a strategy website to teach poker, and also an entertainment website too. Those three bracelets which he earned were from the WSOP which happened in the years 2004 $5,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Draw, 2005 $1500 Pot Limit Omaha and in 2008 $1500 Razz.

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Joshua Arieh- A Brief History

Playing is always a hobby to many individuals. Any individual turns playing the game to ease their stress. To play any game, one must possess the talent or the skill to handle the game much efficiently. Not, every player possesses it. The very professional game being played by many players from the game’s inception was Poker game. Poker game is much professional, and it holds many professional players, where one among such players is Joshua Arieh. Joshua was born on September 26th 1974. He was born in New York. Having won two bracelets, Joshua is much familiar for handling cards.

Nicknamed as Atlanta:
His nickname was Atlanta Josh. Being an American professional poker player, Joshua started playing the poker competitions since 1999. His lady of love was Angela, with whom he got 3 children. Joshua is a very wonderful person who possessed the friendship with many competitors and also their respect for his playing the game. In the year 2008, Joshua started playing online at Full Tilt Poker. Holding two bracelets in his hands, Joshua turned playing the game Poker much aggressively. His first own was 1999, World Series of Poker, where he earned a bracelet which was his first won, where he earned around a prize of $202, 800 in $3,000 limit Hold’em event.

Joshua came up finishing the game where he won his second bracelet at the 2005 World Series of Poker where he turned defeating Chris Ferguson in a S2,000 Pot Limit Omaha event, which yielded him with a share of $381,600. To tell very much literally, he played many games like tournaments, etc in the field of Poker games. He has also made many of the tournament victories. Joshua has played for more than 12 years which gained him a reputation as a tough high limit player, in the history of Poker.

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