New Bill Of Pennsylvania More In Favor Of Poker

A bill made to regulate casinos that operate online cleared two keys of committees of the Pennsylvania Senate on Tuesday, giving a favorable condition for the full vote of the Senate.

The legislation’s earlier form that cleared the House on 2017 April.

The Community’s of Senate, Economic & Recreational Development Committee (E&RDC) and Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) signed on the collective bill, which includes regulation of daily fantasy sports and the internet lottery sales authorization.

The House Bill 271 of the legislation was amended heavily this week, which included 54 percent rate of tax for table games and online slots, while arguing for a tax of 16 percent on revenue of internet poker. According the report of the Online Poker, concerned was raised by the industry over the 54 percent tax on games that are non-poker.  So that could still be twisted.

In Pennsylvania the 12 casinos that are land-based pay 54 percent tax on the revenue received by the slot machine. Under the bill, all the casinos running in Pennsylvania operating online or on the ground will be eligible for license of the online gambling. (more…)

Lamb Hopeful To Get Seat In SHRB

Ben Lamb is very positive that he will get a seat in the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl expansion event.

Poker Central, in association with Poker Productions and Aria Resort & Casino, has made the announced that they are going for the seat expansion in 2017 Super High Roller Bowl. For the rake free tournament that is going to take place in May 6 more seats have been added. By doing this, the tournament will now have 56 seats.

Implication of expansion

By adding seats in the event, the prize pool of the game will grow up to $16.8 million from $15 million. The winner will take home $6 million this year. Last year the amount was $5 million. Not only this, but the change will also let the officials of the tournament to balance the tables by offering final tables of eight seven-handed.

Till date Erik Seidel and John Juanda the Poker Hall of Famers, Fedor Holz, Antonio Esfandiari and David Peters have secured their seat in the seat by winning the lottery award. A lottery was played to give seats to the players in the event in which some seats were distributed. (more…)

Brains Vs. AI Poker Redesigned

The rematch of man vs. machine, which was long-awaited, can now be watched on Twitch.

The game made its path to the poker felt and it will be interesting to watch it. The match has already started from January 11 2017 and available for watching.

Name of the match is “Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping the Ante” and it is taking place at Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino. It will conclude on January 30. The following accounts – those of Dong Kim, Jason Les, Daniel McAulay and Jimmy Chou vs. Libratus, a fresh computer program of (CMU) Carnegie Mellon University, Libratus need to be followed to watch the game of the top pros. (more…)

Justyn Tyndaal, Poker Player, Suffers Injury In Tournament, Wants Compensation

Poker player Justyn Tyndall is filing a law suit against Rockingham Park poker room after he sustained injuries by a cash box in the tournament and seeking compensation.

Poker pros around the world are always looking for ways to earn cash and but this man has found a new avenue to regain his losses after his foot was injured by a cash box fell on it.

As per the law suit filed by Justyn at the Rockingham Country Superior Court the cash box has caused serious injuries to his foot and the cash box was kept there to hold chips. The accident happened in the Poker room of Rockingham Park during one of the daily tournaments. The player was in the tournament and the cash box somewhat got loosened and fell on his foot. Tyndall claimed that he was in severe pain after the cash box came down on his foot and he has witnesses who would vouch for the incident. According to the case filed by him, Justyn has suffered emotional distress, disfigurement, partial disability and loss of earnings. Justyn says that the end result is a series of medical expenses and possible discomfort in the future and that is due to the “permanent and serious injuries” suffered by him at the casino poker room. (more…)

Roller coaster ride for Brian Rast at Aussie Millions, loses six figures after winning it

Poker Player Brian Rast had a good turn at the Aussie Millions with a untamed upswing of six-figure which he promptly lost after he experienced a quick downswing of six figure at the tournament.

One could describe the loss as horrible, terrible, very bad day, no good and so on but Rast had it really going good when he suffered the bad loss at the Millions.

Brian Rast is a really accomplished, popular and well liked poker player in the tournament circuits and he had the opportunity to register a big win at the Aussie Millions and in the process he won $315,000 at the Crown Casino, Melbourne. Following the win of the event, he registered into a $250, 000 buyout high-roller tournament and promptly lost what he had earned after he was eliminated while he was the third hand.

He certainly could not be faulted for gong with the tide and investing his hard earned money in a high-roller event, because he had over $50,000 left from the earning is things turned out to be worst. The events unfolded with Rast participating in the 2015 Aussie Millions Poker Championship and overtaking 648 players and finishing at the fifth spot. (more…)