Justyn Tyndaal, Poker Player, Suffers Injury In Tournament, Wants Compensation

Poker player Justyn Tyndall is filing a law suit against Rockingham Park poker room after he sustained injuries by a cash box in the tournament and seeking compensation.

Poker pros around the world are always looking for ways to earn cash and but this man has found a new avenue to regain his losses after his foot was injured by a cash box fell on it.

As per the law suit filed by Justyn at the Rockingham Country Superior Court the cash box has caused serious injuries to his foot and the cash box was kept there to hold chips. The accident happened in the Poker room of Rockingham Park during one of the daily tournaments. The player was in the tournament and the cash box somewhat got loosened and fell on his foot. Tyndall claimed that he was in severe pain after the cash box came down on his foot and he has witnesses who would vouch for the incident. According to the case filed by him, Justyn has suffered emotional distress, disfigurement, partial disability and loss of earnings. Justyn says that the end result is a series of medical expenses and possible discomfort in the future and that is due to the “permanent and serious injuries” suffered by him at the casino poker room. (more…)

Roller coaster ride for Brian Rast at Aussie Millions, loses six figures after winning it

Poker Player Brian Rast had a good turn at the Aussie Millions with a untamed upswing of six-figure which he promptly lost after he experienced a quick downswing of six figure at the tournament.

One could describe the loss as horrible, terrible, very bad day, no good and so on but Rast had it really going good when he suffered the bad loss at the Millions.

Brian Rast is a really accomplished, popular and well liked poker player in the tournament circuits and he had the opportunity to register a big win at the Aussie Millions and in the process he won $315,000 at the Crown Casino, Melbourne. Following the win of the event, he registered into a $250, 000 buyout high-roller tournament and promptly lost what he had earned after he was eliminated while he was the third hand.

He certainly could not be faulted for gong with the tide and investing his hard earned money in a high-roller event, because he had over $50,000 left from the earning is things turned out to be worst. The events unfolded with Rast participating in the 2015 Aussie Millions Poker Championship and overtaking 648 players and finishing at the fifth spot. (more…)

Online poker network of New Jersey under new ownership

With the mop up of the acquisition of worldwide online gaming firm bwin.party by their earlier competitor GVC, New Jersey’s biggest online poker network has a brand new owner. Both partypoker NJ and Borgata Poker utilize the partypoker software as well as share cash game tables and events to form the highest revenue bringing forth online poker network in the United States.
Even though corporate constructions could be planned for GVC to work as a holding company, GVC would require to be licensed in the state of New Jersey so that their subsidiaries that operate the United Stated version of the partypoker network, to carry on offering online poker.
License to control online gaming in New Jersey does not come very easy. And, this has been over a year that Amaya employed to bring PokerStars and Full Tilt back into the United States, and they still have not yet dealt their 1st hand of molded online poker in the United States.
In short, the answer is yes. The license application procedure for the GVC is now underway. On 28th January, GVC called for the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to let the partypoker network to carry on to operate under their present current license while their own license application is thought of.


Where the EPT future events will be held? Will they expand?

European Poker Tour (EPT) Season 11 is drawing to an end, and soon the next batch of stops will be beginning. The EPT when inaugurated had seven events for the first season in 2004.

The same numbers followed next season but the third was increased by one more eve nt. There were eleven events in the 4th and 5th season and consequent seasons 6th to 8th had a leap of 13 events.
Next seasons following the eighth was trimmed down to just 8, but the events were  stretched in to festivals thus providing increased amount of  poker for each stop. The move proved to be fruitful so the same format was retained for the 10th season.
Only a fraction of the Season 12 poker scheduled has been made known as of now. The EPT will ret urn to Barcelona from August 19th to 30th this year and the city will be hosting it for the 12th time.  The tour will move to Prague from December 6th to 16th, which the city is accustomed to hosting the event in holiday season.  However the schedule does not remain the same as the organizers are always on the lookout for new landscapes where they can host the events.
In an interview with EPT President Edgar Stuchly at the EPT event held at Malta, a first time location for the tour, Frank Op de Woerd of PokerNews.NL asked how the location choice is made and the possible locations where the tour will head towards.


Anna Khait To Be On Survivor: Koh Rong, Will Contest In Brawns vs. Brains vs. Beauty II

Only last week the 30th season of Survivor was wrapped up by CBS as Mike Holloway outplayed and outwitted the entire competition to pocket a cool $1 million winner’s prize. In the latest seasons there were no poker players but several Survivor/poker developments have taken place lately. If you recall you will remember Jean-Robert Bellande appearing in the 15th Season and so did Garret Adelstein after a few seasons.

Considering the frequent exchange between these two games, interest has been shown by Daniel Negreanu, to appear in Survivor, and the most famous Survivor in history “Boston” Rob Mariano, used to play poker often. PokerNews decided to look into some of the tidbits related to Survivor and poker as we thought it is worth.

It is rumored now that Anna Khait, poker player might come in to season 32 of Survivor. The Season 31 is yet to be filmed but Season 32 has already been canned, as is practice Survivor shoots two seasons simultaneously from one location. If you go with Martin Holmes, the survivor spoiler, and the one who also runs the Inside Survivor website, a poker player is going to be cast in the series. (more…)

Andrew Chen: A poker player among top 10 in EPT

Andrew Chen and David Kitai are two renowned and famous poker player n the world poker tournament.

The styles of both differ but both have same area of interest n playing the poker game. HE is player who has played for the final EPT tournament. Chen style of playing the game makes him a poker player with great aspect and understanding for the game of poker. Chen already has proven to be a consistent player despite his young career, and he already has amassed over $1. 6 million in live and online earnings. He has best track records in the game of poker tournaments. He is a poker player who likes to win the game and titles for each and every match he plays in the game of poker.
He has no excellent records but has managed to get scoring of titles and championship in the world series of poker tournament as well at the online poker tournaments. We can view that he has made many cashes and winning titles on his name in the entire poker tournaments. He has skills that can we see in the game when he plays. He is a poker player who loves to play music and sing songs including other things like reading books learning new techniques of playing poker games. He has made really different way
We can see his records in the entire series till today. he has participated in the world series of poker tournament and won cashes for his country making him renowned poker player. He is a player of full energy and aspiration who loves to be part of poker tournament in each and every poker tournament. He has total winning cashes of $ $4,461,626. He has played at the European poker tournament and won title cashes of 6 and total winning of $1,242,791.