Erick Lindgren-Poker to have won two WSOP

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One among the American pokers who has two bracelets proudly in his hands is Erick A. Lindgren.  In 2002, Erick won his major tournament for the first time in the Bellagio.  After ten months, he won the WPT title and later Erick won the topmost prize at the WPT.  In the year 2005, he completed in 2nd place at the WSOP Circuit Event at Atlantic region.  In the same year, a month later, Erick finished fifth at the WPT Poker classic event.

As the E Dog:

In the same month, after a week, Erick won a professional PT tournament for the second time, which is also at LA.  Erick made WPT table in 2006, completing the third finish in 2006 Borgata event.  He won the first prize at event by the year 2006.  He beat 17 players at the $100,000 buy-in Hold ‘em event in Aussie Millions in the year 2007.  Lindgren is an author of a book where the book that covers the strategy for tournaments and E-Dog is the nickname of him.