Howard Andrew is an expert poker player for a more expansive period than 35 years, settled in Walnut Creek, in CA, United States. He is well known to the individuals from the World Series of Poker competition that occurred in 1976 when he won 2 arm ornaments in that year. As far as he can tell he has 2 first spots, 83 liquidate and aggregate spoils of USD 369,965.

Andrew won both Preliminary Hold-Em competitions and The Horseshoe’s Businessmen’s in 1976, procuring him two wrist trinkets in successive days. The 1978 World Series of poker Media Guide called him one of the World Series of Poker’s most impressive non-stars, a streamlined specialist with “an adrenaline junky notoriety. In the event that an honour was offered out to the player who pushed all his chips to the focal point of the pot frequently, he’d presumably win it.

His best triumph was in the seventh Annual World Series of Poker, in 1976 where he won his first arm bracelet in the USD 2,500 No Limit Hold’em, procuring USD 28,000, and his second armlet in the USD 1,000 No Limit tournament with prize of USD 23,600. Howard Andrew additionally has more than eight second spots in distinctive huge competitions. His first second spot is at the fifth Annual Diamond Jim Brady in the year 1989, where he brought the second spot with $19,750. Howard Andrew likewise joined in Costa Rica Classis – World Poker Tournament Season 1, where completed second once more, strolled away with USD 10,135. In 2005 at Harrah’s Las Vegas poker Tournament he was again second with last prize of USD 31.137.

Howard Andrew has likewise partaken in the World Series of Poker, the 36th & 38th Annual World Series of Poker where he took 34th and 36th spot. Furthermore, in 2004 Howard Andrew won the fourth spot, winning USD 14,670 at 2004 Plaza Ultimate Poker Challenge. In 2006 he participated three times in the World Poker Challenge – Season 4 of World poker Tournament, winning eighth, and ninth and eighteenth positions. In 1992 Howard Andrew took an interest 5 times in the 2004 Plaza Ultimate Poker Challenge. There he had a huge triumph, taking fourth, fifth, sixth and eleventh positions, gaining more than USD 9000.