New Bill Of Pennsylvania More In Favor Of Poker

A bill made to regulate casinos that operate online cleared two keys of committees of the Pennsylvania Senate on Tuesday, giving a favorable condition for the full vote of the Senate.

The legislation’s earlier form that cleared the House on 2017 April.

The Community’s of Senate, Economic & Recreational Development Committee (E&RDC) and Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) signed on the collective bill, which includes regulation of daily fantasy sports and the internet lottery sales authorization.

The House Bill 271 of the legislation was amended heavily this week, which included 54 percent rate of tax for table games and online slots, while arguing for a tax of 16 percent on revenue of internet poker. According the report of the Online Poker, concerned was raised by the industry over the 54 percent tax on games that are non-poker.  So that could still be twisted.

In Pennsylvania the 12 casinos that are land-based pay 54 percent tax on the revenue received by the slot machine. Under the bill, all the casinos running in Pennsylvania operating online or on the ground will be eligible for license of the online gambling.

The license of a web poker would cost them $5 million, and the license of a table/slot game would also cost the same. After this change in the legislation, the country is eyeing on $250 million expansion of its budget from gambling.

Very soon, the full Senate of the legislation could be voted and if everything goes fine, then it will be presented back in the House so lawmakers could review the changes made. Moreover, to make the legislation into the law, sign of the governor will also be required in the legislation.

As if now, the bill seems to be in more favorable of poker in comparing to the other games with regards to the business standpoint.