Garilyn Nelson: A serial poker player

Garilyn Nelson is forty seven years old. She is from United Sates of America.

She started her poker career in the year 2005. She cashed her first time poker in Hold’em-Ladies Event in which she stood 5th and has won cash price of $2,881. Then in 2009 she stood 4th in the WSOP Circuit Caesars Place, Las Vegas in which her prize amount was $2,677. Then in the year 2010 she participated in the event Annual Binion’s Poker Classic, Las Vegas in which she won $2,800 and was ranked 3rd in the event. After this event she had become a serial poker player and had participated in almost every poker event.

She had won many top cash prize in the poker tournament. In 2014 she ranked 663th in Hold’em world series of poker and had won a prize of $1,099. She had played in ladies No-limit Hold’Em championship held in 2013 in which she had won $5,254 and her rank was 20th in that event. She has a very good ranking in No-limit hold’em 2011 poker classic in which her rank was 4th and she had won a prize token of $3,998. (more…)

Justin Bonomo Boasts Rich Experience and Talent in Poker

Poker is among the casino games that have gained traction globally and is hosted under international circuits. This has spawned numerous poker professionals who have been trailblazing in the global context with high-profile accolades.

A great number of the players hail from the Americas and boast distinct skills at the international plane. One remarkable player who has cemented his standing with distinguished performance in the significant tournaments is Justin Bonomo. He was ranked the youngest player to sail through to the final table in the European Poker Tour in France back in 2005.

Additionally, he has also played at the World Poker Tour where he has final tabled. To this end, his accomplishments form a string of winnings that depict him as a top-notch player. (more…)

Brian Rast-Poker to have won 2 WSOP

There are few games and also numerous games too, where you can find some games to be played based on one’s interest.

You need to choose the game for you to spend time as like you wish to go on. The gaming option is meant to be played too as like you wish to go on. Choice of the game is what you need to do so. When you feel the game to be chosen, you can really choose a game like Poker. Game like Poker is the toughest game as like only a professional can win the game by choosing the right track of cards. The poker game is really a great choice which a professional can follow, whereby the winning is mainly dependent on the cards.

Brian Rast is the poker who has won 2 bracelets in his career, whereby making a mark in the history of poker. Having born in 1981, poker hails from the place of Texas, whereby he did win 2011 WSOP. Poker is mainly known as the face that is familiar for the valedictorian. He was even given the nickname as tsarrast. Poker is now residing at California. He turned discontinuing the studies whereby he started playing poker game. Poker started playing the game poker in 2003, after being impressed by John Dahl.

Winner in the same year 2011:

Poker is also known both in Full Tilt poker as well as in Poker Stars too. It was by the year 2011, poker turned winning the bracelets in his career. The former bracelet was from Pot limit hold’em and next is a poker player championship too. The former play was fought in WSOP by defeating Allen Kessler in heads up battle. In fact, the poker has played the poker tour in the 7th place too.