Roller coaster ride for Brian Rast at Aussie Millions, loses six figures after winning it

Poker Player Brian Rast had a good turn at the Aussie Millions with a untamed upswing of six-figure which he promptly lost after he experienced a quick downswing of six figure at the tournament.

One could describe the loss as horrible, terrible, very bad day, no good and so on but Rast had it really going good when he suffered the bad loss at the Millions.

Brian Rast is a really accomplished, popular and well liked poker player in the tournament circuits and he had the opportunity to register a big win at the Aussie Millions and in the process he won $315,000 at the Crown Casino, Melbourne. Following the win of the event, he registered into a $250, 000 buyout high-roller tournament and promptly lost what he had earned after he was eliminated while he was the third hand.

He certainly could not be faulted for gong with the tide and investing his hard earned money in a high-roller event, because he had over $50,000 left from the earning is things turned out to be worst. The events unfolded with Rast participating in the 2015 Aussie Millions Poker Championship and overtaking 648 players and finishing at the fifth spot.

He earned a whopping $315,000 for the Fifth Place Prize. Overall he profited a cool $304,400 after deducting the entry fee of $10,600 he paid for the event and for a single tournament the amount can be considered as huge. It should be noted here that the top prize of $1.38 million was won by Manny Stavopoulos of Australia in the tournament.

After he was eliminated from the table around dinner time Rast had the time to consider his options and a Super high roller happened to be running at the same time in the LK boutique and the $250, 000 buy-in registration was still on owing to the late registration at the early morning window. Rast lost and was eliminated within a few minutes of entering the event.