Where the EPT future events will be held? Will they expand?

European Poker Tour (EPT) Season 11 is drawing to an end, and soon the next batch of stops will be beginning. The EPT when inaugurated had seven events for the first season in 2004.

The same numbers followed next season but the third was increased by one more eve nt. There were eleven events in the 4th and 5th season and consequent seasons 6th to 8th had a leap of 13 events.
Next seasons following the eighth was trimmed down to just 8, but the events were  stretched in to festivals thus providing increased amount of  poker for each stop. The move proved to be fruitful so the same format was retained for the 10th season.
Only a fraction of the Season 12 poker scheduled has been made known as of now. The EPT will ret urn to Barcelona from August 19th to 30th this year and the city will be hosting it for the 12th time.  The tour will move to Prague from December 6th to 16th, which the city is accustomed to hosting the event in holiday season.  However the schedule does not remain the same as the organizers are always on the lookout for new landscapes where they can host the events.
In an interview with EPT President Edgar Stuchly at the EPT event held at Malta, a first time location for the tour, Frank Op de Woerd of PokerNews.NL asked how the location choice is made and the possible locations where the tour will head towards.

Stuchly said, “Number of stops have been reduced for each season and at present we have six or seven stops. As of now we have no plans of increasing it but we make sure that we cherry pick the location and ensure that the players have a bench mark to achieve and we deliver what they expect.”