11 replies on “World Series of Poker WSOP 2009 Ep.30 – 4 cardplayertube.com”

  1. @raoooooooz probably not now after going out on the bubble last year after he turned Aces full only to run into flopped quad 88’s. Frecking sickness.

  2. @purlet2634
    Sounds good… I can spare 30$ my full tilt username = tammore6372 =)

    And yep
    I discovered on Full Tilts blog recently you make an account on their site and use the promo code SPECIALS if ya do not currently have one with them.One good method to start with some easy cash to play with. Your 1st deposit will be DOUBLED plus a few other beneficial perks. Sucks but its only gonna work for the first 2000 players that create an account usin it

  3. These dude are weak. They bluff half of the time. And have crap cards. They went all in with small pair or anything with an Ace. Fcking stupid. Fck these players. They are not fcking Pro in my mind. They are weak. Come around me and my friends. we would show you, how to play poker stupid. I am disappointed to watch this year poker. Most of them play too many hands and don’t know how to fold. Fcking weak.

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