25 replies on “WSOP 2011 Main Event Part 10, Day 5 (2011 World Series of Poker Episode 16)”

  1. @kariba25 Why was he gonna risk tons of chips when there`s a possible
    straight and 2 more players in the hand? That`s why he is there and u are
    just leaving comments on how he plays.

  2. @lombingo so that means nobody can leave a comment when they play bad
    because we are OUT HERE?tell me why did he call the 26K raise with 98 in
    the first place?he hits 2pair and folds after 2 sec!did he w to hit a
    straight on the flop to continue?its all about the TV!poker players do
    funny things to look smarter…that’s why every chipleader that played on
    the TV table lost hes chips on hero calls and and big re raises with bad
    hands…he would never fold this in 2 sec on a outer table

  3. john bellande is a degenerate now, he’s good at poker, but still a broke

  4. Totally Agree with Dan the Man. Not allowing the table talk kills the
    spirit of the game. Rule Sucks but nothing can be done about it now.

  5. Does anyone else think that Henson looks a little like Edward Norton from
    certain angles? It could just be the facial hair that reminds me of him.

  6. wiswanathan you are a little goldfish, u will never win a huge tournament
    with your loose-play

  7. @Graham6762 everything wrong with his play there,thats why hes drained off
    75% of his stack on this day because hes a total donk

  8. I like Bellande’s attitude when playing Poker. Apologising for a
    communication error like that just seems humble.

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  10. Instant Fold with 2 pairs ”funny” Cunningham…..what an idiot!!now i
    feel more sorry for the guy how lost with hes 99s earlier

  11. @GOLDSILVERDUDE He is a legend with millions in tournament winnings, and is
    considered one of the very best by many other pros. Your just a douche

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