25 replies on “WSOP 2012 – Big One for One Drop Live Part 1/2 – $1 Million Buy-In WSOP Event!”

  1. I am a future poker pro I am the best 14 year old poker player in the world and I would destroy this table and I will in 7 years

  2. Esfandiari is a savage, one of the best in the world at reading people and putting people on hands

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  4. So I’m at this poker game last week and this old jew guy suddenly says he’s holding the jesus crucifiction hand as if he was possessed and then folds. What hand was I holding?

  5. You ever see a really hot chick with some lame and say to yourself “him really?!?!”
    That’s what I say to myself knowing Esfandiari won this shit…him really?!? GTFO!!!

  6. !
    WARNING! fulltiltpoker rigged=100%scam,don’t waste your time and money on scam site. don’t make criminals richer.

  7. giving peanuts to charity which is a tax write of doesnt make u good either 🙂

  8. @Slingersfan yeah it’s a nice change from the norm, gets ya thinking more about plays

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